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Design Work

As a designer, my superpower is in bringing together not just the user and the business, but also the other minds of my design teammates to make products that are welcoming and (I dare say) delightful for any user. I'm an advocate for growth, innovation, and change in every step of the design process.

View my work so far below, and don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to know more.

Helping a startup client deliver enterprise-tier tracking and documentation tools to small logistics companies. Contributed as problem manager to research synthesis, desktop design, research/project report and client presentation.

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Guiding tourists and travelers to get where they need to go, and demystifying a city's ways to travel along the way. Researched and designed solo as part of a 48-hour online hackathon.


A self-guided museum tour generator and venue information hub, as a speculative app. Contributed to research and mobile app design synthesis. 

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Find your new third place through discovery feeds and filters, from your friends and social media-like algorithms, in this speculative site. Helped build research synthesis and flesh out features, plus published a desktop prototype. 

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A recap on the UX copywriting lessons learned throughout my UX/UI Design Fellowship at General assembly, spanning all five of the projects completed throughout the immersive.

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