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Miscellaneous Projects

Nifty personal projects and hobbies of note that helped me build the skills I've carried into my career. 

Whether out in the field with improvisational problem-solving as a moderator and advocate, or behind a computer telling my stories, I haven't spared a scrap of my skills into fun for both myself and others around me. 


Interactive semi-autobiographical short story about sleep paralysis, via Twine.
Warning for strong language and horror elements.


Roleplay Event Facilitation

Online and real-life Dungeons & Dragons organization. 

Unofficial ruleset conversion of Treasure Hunt, 1.0e to 5e.

Junior Admin of Humans vs Zombies, a live two-week 24/7 mass tag activity, via UMass Amherst, fall 2016.

Activity supervision, conflict mediation, systems/game design, and making sure everyone's having a lovely time.

ti5 text ticker.jpg

The International 5 Text Commentary

Organized a group of competitive video gaming fans with high typing speeds to create an unofficial, independent play-by-play liveblog of The International 5, an annual video game tournament. Run through 24liveblog.


Remote Puzzle Event Delegation...?

I was also once selected as a representative for an "alternate reality game," The Black Watchmen. I facilitated puzzle-solving remotely over Twitch streams and group chats for a large group of online players by communicating in-person findings.
I guess I'm a video game character now?

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