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Well met,

UX/UI designer & copywriter.
Published professional writer.
Group facilitator for work and fun.

Based in NYC, I just finished a UX/UI design fellowship at General Assembly, through which I worked with my LogAware client.

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A lifetime of cultivating encounters.

Ice cream "scoop." Axe thrower. Video game industry expert. Live and tabletop roleplaying.

I bring people's explorative nature into user experience design.

Contracted Projects

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Helping a startup client deliver enterprise-tier tracking and documentation tools to small logistics companies. 


Commissioned website design from the ground up for a  California chapter of a Japanese church.

Other Projects

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Self-guided museum tour generator and venue information app, designed and presented as a speculative app for an educational immersive.

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Demystifying and recommending transit options for tourists between their destinations, designed as a speculative app as part of a 48-hour hackathon.

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A personal look back on copywriting decisions made throughout my UX/UI Design Immersive's completed projects.

Published Writing

I have over seven years of published writing, primarily dealing with the video gaming industry and cultural space, where I was able to interview gamers and developers, draw insights from industry analyses, and express my observations into engaging stories.


Hobby Work

Through my passions, I've developed my leadership and generative abilities to be adaptive, communicative, and imaginative at any point in the design process. I'm a fast thinker and learner, in a field of action or at a table with friends.

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